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Fresh Cooked Lobster Meat, Claw & Knuckle

Fresh Cooked Lobster Meat, Claw & Knuckle Gallery

Country of Origin: USA/CAN

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Additional Product Origins USA, Canada

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Harvested from pristine North Atlantic coastal waters, succulent lobster meat is cooked and prepared by hand. With a fresh-from-the-sea taste, our fresh lobster meat is ready to eat, with absolutely no preservatives. A quality addition to any plate presentation, our fresh lobster meat helps to raise the check average while at the same time keeping food cost at a minimum. Perfect for salads, lobster rolls, appetizers, entrees, pastas, and soups.




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Species Scientific Name Homarus americanus
Species Common Name Lobster
Product State Fresh
Wild Caught/Farm Raised Wild caught
Allergens Lobster
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