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Products & Sustainabality

Where do lobsters come from?  The plant’s Prospect Harbor, Maine locale is close to abundant and valuable sources of U.S. and Canadian lobsters. The company has an extensive procurement networks, which are strategically located throughout the Atlantic Provinces and Gulf of Maine.

  • Seasonality: As a natural product, North American lobsters (Homarus Americanus) are subject to seasonal changes and government regulations affecting supply and product characteristics.  Generally, seasons are: Canadian Spring Season runs from mid-April to July, Maine Season runs from June to November, Canadian Fall Season runs from mid-October to January.
  • Soft Shell Lobsters In the summer and early autumn lobsters migrate to the warmer waters inshore to shed their old shells (molt) and begin the re-growth process. Lobsters undergoing molting have softer shells and are generally weaker with lower meat content and are considered to be very delicious.
  • Hard Shell Lobsters Hard shell lobsters are found in the deep colder waters of the North Atlantic. These lobsters have a harder shell and are stronger with a higher meat content. Hard shell lobsters are available year round however in the summer.

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Sustainability. While no fishery is perfect, many of our lobsters come from areas certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Counsel such as Nova Scotia and Maine. Others come from fisheries like Newfoundland that evaluate the effectiveness of their systems. Each fishery has laws protecting juvenile and berried lobsters and mechanisms to monitor overfishing. Overall, catches have been solid and reports good, although northern migration appears to be taking place (likely unrelated to overfishing). Major factors determining what lobsters are processed include, without limitation, market conditions, the availability of appropriate product based on grade, supplier relationships, and the time of the season.

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